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Negan Baseball Bat

This negan baseball bat is a beautiful blood red lulcille (negan's gui) and is set with a barbed bat. It is a strong and battery operated tool that is great for hitting batters in thevein. The negan baseball bat is made of durable materials and is a great addition to any collection.

The Walking Dead Baseball Bat

The walking dead baseball bat is a must-have for any fan of the tv series. It's simple but efficient and it's going to help you and your friends get through any situation.

Dead Baseball Bat

The dead baseball bat is a blood-colored lucille reprisma of the popular maple bat. This bat is made from replica maple barbed baseball bat. It is perfect for those who love the living dead, as it has a cognac-colored lucille on one side and a black lucille on the other. The bat also includes a blackaaaa baseball cap with a red lcd screen and black&white us&k national flag on the left side. this baseball bat is made of hardwood wood and is barbed with two sets of white teeth. It has orange, white and black mini nails and a black leather handle. name of baseball bat in walking dead negans. This bat is made of foam and is derived from negans, a character in the walking dead series. It is a powerful yet delicate tool that can be used for good or bad purposes. the negan's baseball bat is a unique piece of technology that helps negan and his team of death and destruction. This bat is a beautiful 32-inch replica of the original bat that was used by then-pitcher and now-dead manager don yanks in for the winning run in the show's popular baseball game. The bat also features a distinct lack of a handle, in order to keep its design as sleek and sleek as possible.